Renovation Extension

The Value of Our Services

Renovations, extensions or any major modifications to your home can be a daunting feat. We believe it shouldn’t be as a daunting as it would seem. We have undergone many major renovations with various clients with amazing results. Whether it be an additional room or rooms, a new alfresco, removal of internal walls, a second storey, a new shed, or even a granny flat, we have the knowledge basis to be able to cover all the tasks involved with renovating or extending your dwelling from the laying of the pad to those final finishes.

We also have access to many trades that could be required through from the engineering to the plumbers, any aspect we don’t cover we can assist as sourcing as well, being able to manage large renovations gives our clients a pleasurable stress free building experience which we believe should be the end result of every build. We even continue to the outside and can complete the paving, or decking, or walls and fencing to give the final finish that perfect look. We have even been know to get our hands dirty with enginering rotating statues and hidden hydraulic wine cellar doors in floors.

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